Grail – Him the Artifact

Hey guys. So I did a thing. Been working on this song for awhile and today it decided to come together for me finally. Still got some work to do in arranging music now. if only I knew a guy that could help with that… *Cough* NICK *Cough* but I thought I’d share it. I’ll copy the lyrics at the bottom here so you know what I’m saying because the recording isn’t the best lol. And forgive my horrible guitar solo 😭

Grail – 19-07-31


Once upon another life
Once upon a king’s… touch
Once upon the finest wine
Once upon a time

I was one of Midas gold
Held royal breath in me
Passed from man to son in time
Mine the kingdom, mine the line

Hold me high
Mighty one
Cloud on nine
Holy none

Time, sees to all men, and thrones
Time will find no friend in me
For time, it took him in his sleep
Crownless kingdom, broken be

Hold me high
Drink me free
All I’ve been
None to be

Drink me slow
Drink me sweet
Pour me out…. some
Upon the sea

Upon your seat
Take your ease
Final portion
Final sleep

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